I used to be a writer. I used to write. Every day. About everything and sometimes most pleasantly about nothing. I haven’t written much for the last six months. I’ve had my reasons.

But I want to write again one day. I want to see if I can still line up words on a page and make them lead me to somewhere unusual. Or let them circle something familiar and keep it safe.

So this space is a new place to start trying to write again. I’m keeping it clear and uncluttered. The words I lay here are liable to be small and light and blown away before too long.

In other words - from the first day of the new year I will be trying to find and share a small stone for every day of January. I won’t be the only one. Further details through the badge on the sidebar.


  1. Go Jem! I've just subscribed on Google Reader.

  2. Happy to have you back x and I hope you can use it as a kind space - it's not about must, but hope.

  3. If you write like your introduction, you didn't "used to be a writer," you still are. Welcome back to getting it on the page. I look forward to following your journey.


  4. Is it you?!!!! Hope so. Annie x

  5. Loving the sound of shingle