For the past thirty one days I have written something every day. Even if it was only five words. Each settled quietly on my notebook page. No fanfares, no expectations. Most were a little shy, unsure and unwilling to be introduced to each other. Some would not budge from their chosen seat. Others stormed off without leaving a forwarding address.

Slowly but surely each little grain of sand formed a line leading me from the dry lookout of the promenade down to the water’s edge. Each urged me to dip my feet and paddle. I’m please those words had the patience for me. And perhaps I’ll repay each by tucking it to bed within an oyster shell and waiting for a pearl to grow.

In other words – I’m going to take each one of these small stones, these true moments from my January, and help them grow into something bigger, something brighter and perhaps a little more unruly. I’ve long found life more palatable with a hefty spoonful of sugar to help it down!


  1. This was nice. A lovely wrap up.

  2. I've enjoyed reading. Looking forward to more, especially the unruly bits!Ax

  3. Good to see you back writing Jem